Hi, my name is Lily Le.

I am running for the Nomination of Edmonton – City Centre for the United Conservative Party of Alberta.

I am a family oriented and passionate community leader, a human rights activist, and a financial professional.

I have proudly served the community as President, Edmonton Viets Association, and Director for VOICE (Vietnamese Overseas Initiative for Conscience Empowerment) Canada for the past four years. I have lobbied for human rights cases, worked in resettlement of immigrants, fundraised for many relief efforts for international causes and local major disaster such as the Fort McMurray fire.

My passion is to help others and my focus is on helping fellow Albertans. With your support, I will represent you and champion for changes that will better Edmonton and our community.

I would be honoured to be your United Conservative Party nominee for Edmonton-Centre.


Why am I running?

We deserve a government that listens and advocates for Albertans.  We need to ensure the future prosperity of Albertans and leave a sustainable province for future generations. The 2019 provincial elections will be the wind of change that propels our province in the right direction and the United Conservative Party will ensure Albertans are heard and empowered.  We will raise our collective voice for a better Alberta.

I am committed to advocating issues that are of concern to Downtown Edmonton constituents and to Albertans. Together, as one unified voice, we can bring upon changes to Downtown Edmonton that will help local businesses, prevent and relieve homelessness, and enhance our city. As your voice, I will listen, support, and advocate for a better Edmonton and Alberta.

Let me represent YOU...
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Party members residing in the Edmonton-Centre constituency will determine their UCP candidate for the 2019 provincial election by a majority vote. To vote at the nomination meeting, you will need to be a member of the UCP.

Please renew or sign up for your UCP membership today so you can vote for me as your chose candidate on nomination day:


Thank you for your support. I look forward to the positive changes we will make together for Edmonton, and for Alberta!

Listen, Support, Advocate

Join me on my journey to make a better city centre for everyone!